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God and me

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A few days back a journalist asked me my opinion on God and sent a few questions. I am pasting the answer here because I am not sure how the newspaper will carry the information. I like it that at this point in life I could answer this much. For a long time I have been trying to answer these questions to myself.

Q1.) How do you connect with God?
God connects with me. The fact that I can breathe is God’s connect with me. What I do with my breath, my life, is my responsibility towards God. Over the last few years, after some immense loses, I feel God holds me by the scruff of my neck and pushes me towards things that are good for me. Even if they are tough, I learn from them and that I experience as God’s blessings.

Q2.) What does spirituality mean to you?
Spirituality to me means to connect with the spirit of the world. To find and practice a way of life that keeps the spirit alive in me and prompts me towards consciousness, thoughts, feelings, actions that bring in me an understanding of how to live in such a way that my time on Earth is worthwhile and engaging.

Q3.) What does God mean to you? Tell us about your beliefs and rituals you follow to stay connected with the supreme power?
I can not define God. In fact, God is indefinable. I have come to this understanding from my readings and livings that it is our attempt to define God that leads to our myopia about God. God is an abstract, a truth that plays out in our lives in physical ways. But the force, the power can not and need not be defined.

I practise no rituals except trying to meditate. I love going to places of worship because I love experiencing the faith that people bring to those places. I access God by being mindful of the purpose of life. I have finite years to experience the beauty and wonder of life. I hope to utilise that time well. Writing is my way of doing that, understanding myself, and I engage in writing every single day. Those are my prayers.

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Like a Diamond in the Sky

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Okay, okay, been long. Sorry! I have been writing but I know I did not update these pages soon enough. I will try to be more regular … Here is a review of mine on a book from Bangladesh that appeared recently in Businessworld. Click here for story.

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