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On the Punjab Policeman’s Confession

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My piece in Tehelka on how the path of ethics in Punjab is not merely some abstract but is directly linked to progress through inflow of capital. A policeman has confessed to having killed 83 people without trial. Will the government(s) have the will to pursue this and other accounts by policeman and victims and seek closure to the violence in Punjab? Please read here …

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Friends, it is September 2013. Roll of Honour completes one year with us. In this year we collected over fifty reviews and interviews on Roll of Honour and some more on Sepia Leaves. Thank you so much for your love and support. I feel humbled and honoured. Please read all the pieces in the right panel under ‘Roll of Honour’.

This week Dr Charanjeet Kaur from the esteemed literary journal Muse India interviewed me on both my books and the writing life. Thank you Dr Kaur. Please read here …

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My interview with the young gifted writer of ‘Fort of Nine Towers’ Qais Akbar Omar for The Hindu Literary Review. Please read here …

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Recently, I had the opportunity to review this family memoir by Qais Akbar Omar set in Afghanistan during the times of infighting, militancy, Taliban and the excesses by other fundamentalist forces. It is an excellent book. Please read my review here …

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A collection of Joginder Paul’s Urdu short stories is noteworthy for the way the book is curated with translators’ notes, author interview and and self-obituary. Admire the collection by Harper Perennial. Please read my review here

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