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Scroll: At Hyderabad University 20 years ago …

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Friends, upon learning of Rohith Vemula’s death on the University of Hyderabad campus, I looked back at my own time in the same university twenty years back.

‘… I relate to his (Vemula’s) emptiness.

While mental illness in my family had scarred me, and separatist violence in my state had scared me, seeing a united movement for equality break down into such factionalism in an institute of higher learning broke me. After university, for a long time I lost my voice… I will always remember Rohith Vemula’s final letter. To me, he is a writer who has ignited the country. His words will live on.’

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Friends, while we feel concerned about Punjab – recent Pathankot, drugs, caste issues, agrarian and industrial crises – I feel we also need to understand the state as it warms up to elections next year.

For a while now the Sikhs have been calling for reform within their highest religious institution. They are being thwarted by those in power and control the institutions. Over last year the common people have showed their displeasure to the political leaders but at the recent Jor Mela they boycotted their religious leaders too. After that the SGPC demonstrated its betrayal of the Sikh community. This is unprecedented.

This genuine unrest of the common people in their political and religious representatives is in turn exploited by radical forces – Khalistan etc. A story on one of the grave fault lines of Punjab.

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A Facebook Post on IBNLive: Pathankot

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Dear friends, greeting for the new year. I know, there has been a one and a half month drought on thee site. I was not writing publicly. Today there is a minor flood: two articles. This one is on how we as a nation of audiences deal with threats to our country. I feel we become angsty because we do not trust systems. For that, I feel the blame lies with those who are supposed to run the systems. Please see the next one too.

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