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The Hindu: A sense of belonging

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Friends, ‘prominent’ I am not but thankful that Nikhil Varma from The Hindu chose to talk to me for this short piece on belonging in Bengaluru.

‘The Bull temple is another location where I love to take people, mostly friends from abroad, and they wonder how the huge bull got into the temple. It is my private practical joke.’

Please read to see me become a little philosophical about active/passive voice and what it means today in the city.

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Aadhar and Mobile Phone

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Friends, upon being tired of getting repeat notifications from the mobile service provider, I finally wrote to them seeking the government notification and the court order number which mandates that all customers link their mobile phones with their Aadhar number. My fear is data piracy and misuse. I finally received completely ambiguous information from them amounting to: everyone is doing it, why not you?

To me, this is not how a service provider of 17 years should behave. In any case, after the Supreme Court order on Right to Privacy, all such notifications are due for hearing in November 2017. We shall know only after the court decides.

Placing here a few of the social media messages that went viral and Nandini Krishnan’s coverage of the issue.  Please read the coverage.

The social media message 1.

The social media message 2.

Airtel has, for now, got off my back but I see here the government too has been irresponsible. Why has it not issued interim orders to suspend all these linking activities until the court decides?

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