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Friends, over the last few days a photograph of a Sikh police man from Uttrakhand saving a man from a lynch mob has gone viral. I wrote about it on Facebook. The post was shared many times and picked by media. Putting up links below.

DailyO picked up the post, please find here …

The Quint picked up the post, please find here …

Punjab Today picked up the post, please find here … 

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Friends, except for Facebook and intense talks with journalists, I did not report or speak on the Karnataka elections. Being born Sikh, it was hard for me. Until Jairaj Singh pushed me to stick out my neck.

So, here it is because I love Bengaluru and Karnataka.

Please read here …

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Deccan Chronicle: Say no to the intolerant Indian

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Friends, as the Karnataka elections neared a viral video by a group called Young Indian started doing the rounds. It called out against the ban of freedoms to eat, dress, and so on. Catheline Chen from the Deccan Chronicle got in touch to register my views.

Please read more here …


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Indian Express: Views on movie Nanak Shah Fakir

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Friends, rarely one finds that a student of history going through material which remains problematic with the community yet is the best illustration of a case. Journalist Adrija Roychowdhry explored the reasons behind the Sikh stance against the movie Nanak Shah Fakir. She also quoted me.

Please read …

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