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Dear friends,

you would have noticed, when we keep allowing a person to be unruly at home, they turn out unruly even in public. This is what happened yesterday. TRT World contacted me to join a panel discussion on the No Confidence Motion. I consented but asked them who were the other panelists. They sent me names.

Here is the recording. Notice how because of one person’s uncouth blabbering, the host could call me in only at minute 15.25 out of the total 26 minutes.

Then we have our own dear Bangalore Electricity Supply Company. Yesterday, they cut electricity at 10 am promising to restore it at 5 pm. The talk was scheduled for 6.15 pm, actually started at 6.30 pm. There was no electricity. I had to do the call with a candle and a LED ring light I could connect to the computer. I look like I am not in the Silicon City of the East but sitting in some dark cave in the mountains.

This talk was an opportunity to present an uncensored view on what is going on in the country. But it became a great example for international audience to see all that is wrong with our democracy. Do bear with it if you have patience. English. Click here …


Talk at Medico Pastoral Association

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Dear friends,

in May this year, Dr Mathew Verghese from the Medico Pastoral Association invited me to give their 15 Golden Jubilee lecture. It was a proud moment for me to speak on ‘A Writer’s Reflection on Mental Health’ to a group of psychiatrists, psychologists, lay people. Who would have thought this would happen?

Please listen to the talk. The talk is about the making of my novel Sepia Leaves and my journey as a writer. It also dwells upon why I do what I do – work in the interstices of language and power.

If I can suggest, please listen. You can skip first 6 minutes and last 8 minutes. Click here …