Farmers Protest: Waheguru, Hare Ram, Allah Hu

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Day 69

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When I put up my posts, when I see other posts, many people respond: we are praying for peace.

Each and every prayer is important. Each and every prayer creates focus and mindfulness. Yet, when the struggle is against a set of people who claim monopoly on one religion, want power in the name of that religion to actually betray the people, sell them off, they desecrate prayers.
Yet, the farmers who feed us, our annadatas, chant and pray in unison. Listen to this, perhaps the most soothing chant from the protests led by the Bard of these protests – Kanwar Grewal.

Notice, this is the stage, in front in Singhu, under the greatest assault by the government’s goons. 5 big and small attacks in last five days. This area is almost fully barricaded, even from Singhu main protest site. No arrests, no FIRs.

Heavens forbid, if an real attack happens, this area will be eye of the storm. Translation of text follows.

‘Waheguru n, Hare Ram n, Allah Hu n.

‘We chant them all. That is why we say, you are ours, we are yours. Let there not be a single arm, hand, that does not touch the sky.

‘Zindabaad – long live. Farmers, workers unity – Zindabaad.

‘A wonder is unfolding. Panjab Haryana, Rajasthan, all states unity – Zindabaad. Chardi Kala – high spiritedness.

‘It is your blessing (o God), it is your mercy, your kindness that we all stand together, we are calm, our spirit is at its peak.’

Look at the face of the little girl in front when Zindabaad comes.

h/t Simran Kaur Chardi Kalla

See video here …


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