Farmers Protest: Petty Tricks

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Day 207

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Petty Tricks

The protest site at Singhu, police station Kundali, is on national highway 44. For the last seven months now, the site has forced traffic to Delhi to take alternate routes to come and get out of Delhi. One such crossing on the alternate route also crosses through the protest site which itself extends 7+ kilometers to Badh Khlasa and beyond.

The habitations next to the road comprise shopkeepers, businesses and labour settlements for there are many factories along the road. These folks, through directly impacted by the protest have never really had cause to complain. The reason is the protesters take their consent for their activities, have been running langars where the neighbours join, have even been running makeshift schools for children from the settlements.

During recent COVID19 second wave, farmers provided oxygen and medicines to their neighbours. When government struck down Internet, the neighbours put up their WiFi networks passwords for free use. It is a symbiotic relationship.

But that can’t be said for the villages at a short distance from the main road. Though many of those villagers have helped the protests with unending supply of milk and fresh vegetables, there are also groups in those villages which the right-wing plays against the protesters.

One such gathering took place yesterday at Sersa village. The mahapanchayat was held under the banner of Rashtrwadi Ekta Manch. They have now projected that they are distressed by the protests, especially the blocked road, and have demanded one side of the road be opened. During the recent COVID19 crises, to enable oxygen supply, the protesters had opened one side of the road.

Whether the two sides – so called distressed villagers and the Samyukt Kisan Morcha – reach an agreement or not is yet to be seen, one aspect is absolutely clear: the government is not interested in talks with the SKM. The government is trying every petty trick to keep attacking the protest but will not do that one thing to end the protests – talk.

My hunch is, these propped up protesters will not be able to match the stamina and resilience of the farmers on protests. They will tire soon. Yesterday, some farmers protesting against CM Khattar in Morni, Panchkula were arrested and released by evening. Just another tactic to wear out the protesters instead of talking to them or repealing the Laws. What a pathetic display of arrogance and inversion of democracy.

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