Farmers Protest: Deewar

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Day 208

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Across the wall of government apathy around the farmers protest, stand the central leadership and the farmers. They do not dialogue because the elected leaders have not talked for 5 months.

Leader: I am just a phone call away. You do not know how the path you have chosen to walk on will end.

Farmers: we know our path could end in our loss but the path you have chosen will certainly harm all of us.

Leader: I am a fakir. I have played my game. I do not care if I lose or win. But you have time, you have other options, try something else.

Farmer: No, our principles, our rules of engagement do not permit us to walk away.

Leader: Uff! Your principles! What use are your principles? You sit in cold, you stand in rain, you suffer in heat and storms. What have your principles given you? A small land holding, so much loan…

Look at me, look. This is me, that is you. We started together: I selling tea, you farming land. See where you are left behind, see where I have reached. Today I have the army, the police, the courts, the corporates, the banks, the parliament, the policies, what do you have?

Farmer: we have courage, resolve and food.

(adapted from movie Deewar)

Note: Along with 50 trolleys of wheat that reached Singhu yesterday, since young men had to go back for paddy sowing, thousands of elderly have reached Tikri today. The game the fakir has played is on.


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