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Day 241

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Before we get to the heading a brief update on yesterday’s Kisan Sansad. After two days of deliberations, the members of the Kisan Sansad voted against the ‘Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020′. Before that the Agriculture Minister, Ravneet Singh Brar, resigned after failing to answer the questions of the members of the House.

Brar is from Bharti Kisan Union, Kadian. No, he has not resigned from the Union, he symbolically resigned as Agricultural Minister from the mock People’s or Farmer’s Parliament to send out a message. Now isn’t that an excellent model to present to the country? That a minister who can’t answer question, actually resigns? Democracy is run on debate not brute force of numbers.

Now to heading:

‘Where is the Opposition in the Kisan Sansad?’ ask the bhakta. ha ha ha. For seven years the BJP has worked hard using advanced surveillance and huge money power to eliminate Opposition from the country. Owing to Congress low performance in 2014 and 2019, the BJP did not even allow a leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha. Now bhaktas come crying: where is the Opposition in the Kisan Sansad. So innocent, so hypocritical!

But where is the Opposition?

The Opposition is all around the makeshift tent the farmers have erected to hold their Kisan Sansad on the road. The Opposition is spread in layer after layer of security barricades, Varun water canons, automatic guns in the hands of security personnel, and a few hundred meters across at the real Parliament House.

The Opposition is in the legislatives who passed the draconian anti-farmer Farm laws. The Opposition is in the opposition parties who walked out of the Rajya Sabha when the Bills were tabled and let them be bulldozed through the Parliament by a nominal voice vote. The Opposition is in the muffled lapdog media. The Opposition is in how the government has tied the long arm of justice in the country.

Has that Opposition – the government – offered to come and address the farmers at their Sansad?

So, please, do not gaslight. The Kisan Sansad is a new mode of protest. The beauty is, while protesting, the farmers are creating a model for how the real Parliament must be run by taking ownership of actions, being accountable to citizens of the country, which the BJP cannot do.

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