Workers Unity Interview

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Dear Friends,

Santosh K and I connected during the Farmers Protest and recently, after the protests ended, we met in Bangalore to do this long pending interview.

I spoke about:

- while the protests were a resistance, they were ‘actively’ non-violent, unlike the Gandhian method of passive non-violence. I trace a bit of the genealogy of active non-violence.

- the protests, though viewed as Left were Left in their organisation, not their purpose or philosophy. Many different streams made up the protest. There is a lot to learn from each stream, and together.

- it was a hard struggle, no doubt. It was a stupendous win. But are we able to hold the victory? Its meaning? On SKM responsibilities, now that the next meeting with government is on January 15.

Please see here… 18 mins, Hindi. Thank you Santosh. This was a pleasure.

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