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Dear Friends,

Excellent writer and reader, Des Raj Kali conducted five shows on PANJAB Jinna Rahan Di Mian Saar Na Jaaana - the Panjabi translation of my book by Yadwinder Singh and Mangat Ram. The book is published by Singh Brothers, Amritsar.

Kali Sa’ab focuses on an important aspect: reading.

He asks us, how do we read? Then illustrates from different readings of the book with his commentary.

As a writer one seeks one’s readers. Many have read PANJAB Journeys Through Fault Lines, many have reviewed it, many readers have sent and posted messages. With respect to all of them, I feel the way Kali Sa’ab is reading the Panjabi translation is a lesson in ‘reading’ itself.

To me, this is the function of literature: to show us how to read and write.

Please view and listen to his talks through links below:

Episode 1, January 2, 2022

Episode 2, January 3, 2022

Episode 3, January 4, 2022

Episode 4, January 6, 2022

Episode 5, January 7, 2022

Then there is an earlier program when the book just reached him and he cited the book in his message.

Personally, I am stunned. I have never experienced a critic peel layer after layer of any of my books for a whole week to give both me and the readers a sense of their depth. It has been hugely educational as well. Indeed a lesson in reading! I feel I have been heard, I belong. A silsila has started.

Thank you Kali Sa’ab!

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