Sepia Leaves

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Sepia Leaves is a true story. It is called fiction because the time line of the story is not entirely real and I merged some characters while, in other places, I created more than one character from one person. Yet, the events and the emotional content of the story is absolutely and honestly true.

I wrote Sepia Leaves when my parents decided to come and stay with me and die in my hands. I wrote the story because at that time, in the year 2000, I did not know how to deal with my baggage. Having written the book I have understood my parents and some parts of myself. I am glad you liked the book enough to read it and have come here to visit my site.

I wrote Sepia Leaves to find hope. I have often heard that you, my readers, have found the book ‘too real’ or ‘too hard’. I understand these days we do not read much or do not have much time to read or we watch the television and spend our days travelling in congested traffic, and if we do read we prefer a lighter book. Still, many of you have persisted, told me that the book is ‘unputdownable’, and found the book to be full of hope.

Our pursuit of happiness need not be shallow. Sepia Leaves is a book of hope. I survived, my parents found dignity, Mando came to Delhi and stayed with me, life goes on.  Life can sometimes be hard but we can resist being crushed. Thank you for visiting this website. By reading my book you have touched me, let me find enough material and time to keep writing and may you keep reading. Together let us make sense.

Sepia Leaves is my first work of fiction. The book is now available in a store near you! It is also available from flipkart.

Mamman, the mother, passed away May 2007. A few days after her death, to come to terms with her death, I wrote these pages. It has been five years, I have not yet mustered the courage to edit them. If you wish to read the sequel to Sepia Leaves, click here.

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