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The Times of India Interview PANJAB

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Dear Friends,

normally The Times of India does not talk about books but Chandigarh Resident Editor Ms Sarju Kaul read PANJAB: Journeys Through Fault Lines and we did an interview.

It appeared today nationwide, all editions. I woke up to calls from my neighbour, messages from my university friend from Delhi, from Kolkata, from Mumbai, Jaipur, Bhubaneshwar … I am so pleased.

‘I believe Punjab needs to reclaim its Panjabiat, which derives from the language of the land of Punjab, both sides of the border. Panjabiat embodies the eclectic nature of the people and is the shared culture of the cauldron, which is the antithesis of fascism or narrow political boundaries.’

Please find the interview here…

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A Post on Geri Route that became Activist

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Recently when a woman was chased by two men in Chandigarh, I responded on social media with a post elaborating the stalking culture in Chandigarh and North India. It became a rallying point for activism which led to an uproar by the women against a social horror that is sadly normalized. High time it changed.

The post is here: Geri Route

The activism is here: Deeptha Vivekanand

Read the Hindustan Times report.

Read The Tribune report.

Then there was a satire piece by the Hindustan Times in the voice of one of the Kakaji’s. Read here.


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