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Dr. Gita Mohan blogged about the Roll of Honour reading organised at Easy Library by Vani Mahesh. Thank you Vani, Shinie, Dr. Sheshadri, Gita, and friends who could make it.

‘As the author explained, ragging or bullying is prominent in residential schools, especially in boys’ residential schools. The world itself is rift in violence and this is naturally reflected in various microcosms too, including schools. Bullying was very much seen as the “right” of senior students, who would revolt if prevented from bullying the newcomers. Sodomy was often the preferred means of bullying in residential schools. Residential schools in India were modelled on Eton and other public schools of England, which took in only the upper classes. However, the military residential schools were different in that pedagogy tried to invert the social classes! And herein lay the root of much malaise…’

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