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The Quint recently published my Facebook comment on how the blockage in Kashmir reminds us of 1984, Operation Blue Star.

“As Kashmir is cordoned off, no Internet, no landline, no news coming in and out, I am reminded of a similar clampdown on Panjab summer of 1984 – Operation Blue Star. A wound on the nation’s conscience that has still not healed. Then we had 1990 Kashmir and now. We have learnt nothing. As a nation and as Indians, we have all failed Kashmir”.

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My musings in the wake of how some people are parties are behaving over abrogation of Article 35A and 370 in Kashmir.

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Review of The Half Mother in The Hindu Literary Review

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Just before the recent floods in Kashmir I reviewed Shahnaz Bashir’s ‘The Half Mother’ a novel on forced disappearances in The Hindu Literary Review. It is a harrowing story set in Kashmir and structured on the famous Aristotelian five acts.

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Home, longing

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Siddhartha Gigoo’s debut novel holds attention. Read review of The Garden of Solitude.

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