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Sikh Archive Interview on PANJAB

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Dear Friends,

I am happy my interview on PANJAB Journeys Through Fault Lines is featured on Sikh Archive run by Sukhraj Singh from Denmark. It is serendipitous that the interview comes just when the revised edition of the book is released by Penguin India.

Some have started buying the book. Thank you. For now it is priced at under Rs 500.

Thank you Sukhraj for your patience. I really made you wait awhile. Thank you Karthik Venkatesh, Kanishka Gupta.

1 hour, 11 minutes. English.

Please listen here …

Please buy book here …

Dear Friends,

A few weeks back Sharanya Deepak from Vittles substack contacted me to write about an iconic song from the Farmers’ Protest that played on many tractors – read almost all – as the march to Delhi began. It continued to play through the protest. To me, ‘Pecha’ was the clarion call of the protest.

I am so glad the piece released today as we mark one year to the day the farmers returned victorious from the protest. Illustration is my Samia Singh.

Thank you Sharanya and Vittles. There are other pieces from both Panjabs – East and West – and music as well, do go to those links from the editor note before my piece. Please read here …


Penguin India: PANJAB lives on!

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Dear Friends,

Over the last three years, you have richly supported ‘PANJAB Journeys Through Fault Lines’. Thank you!

I am very happy to let you know that Penguin Random House India has now launched the revised edition paperback with an additional chapter on the Farmers Protest which to me was an immense mobilisation and victory of what the people of this country can achieve facing all odds.

Also, the paperback is now priced at Rs 599/-.

I am yet to get copies of the book. When I get them, I will show you how it looks and feels. It will soon be available at local book stores or you can order it from Amazon and other sites.

Thank you Meru Gokhale for loving the book and acquiring it, Karthik Venkatesh for seeing through the new format launch and while editing the book, still asking ‘what do you mean?’, Orijit Sen for allowing us to re-use the cover, Disha Arun Naik for overseeing the marketing of the paperback, and Kanishka Gupta for support throughout.

Readers, please bless, please buy. I am glad PANJAB lives on!


Penguin Random House: Author Page

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Dear Friends,

As you are aware, PANJAB Journeys Through Fault Lines run was significantly disrupted because Amazon pulled support from my publishers Westland in February 2022. There have been some developments since then.

My editor Karthik Venkatesh moved to Penguin Random House. Since I believe the book was in part his as well, he helped me put it together from notes, he took the book to Penguin. Westland had also offered to take the book on under their new association with Pratilipi but with due respect and best wishes to them, I went with Karthik.

A revised edition has just been released. It has some updates and a new chapter on the Farmers’ Protest.

Here is the Penguin author page …


Daily Ajit: Review on PANJAB

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Dear Friends,

Here is the screen shot of the Daily Ajit review of the book. I could not find the web page. This is from November 11, 2022.


Punjabi Jagran: review on PANJAB

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Dear Friends,

It has been a while since I posted. reason being I did not write too many stories in media. However, I did miss posting these two reviews on PANJAB that appeared in the previous months.

This one is from Punjabi Jagran. After the editorial, they have again reviewed the book. Thank you!

Please find their Book of the Week here …



Punjabi Jagran Editorial on PANJAB

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Dear Friends,

it does not often happen that a newspaper bases its editorial on a book. Last Sunday, Punjabi Jagran, did that. The paper talked about the use of pictures to construct the Preface of PANJAB Journeys Through Fault Lines.

Thank you Walia Sa’ab.

Please read …

SKM Sample Press Note

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Dear Friends,

A few days back I was writing an essay on media in Farmers Protest and was looking for links to showcase the Samyukth Kisan Morcha Press Notes which had served as an important tool to disseminate information. I could only find Facebook link which can be compromised by platform removing content, content owner changing persmissions. Hence here is a well formatted Press Note, mostly for reference.

Introduction: As discussed briefly yesterday, the Samyukt Kisan Morcha comprehensively rejects the Central Government Committee on Agriculture and refuses to send their members to the Committee. Here is their Press Note from yesterday.

Suggestion: Please read, if for nothing else, how to put together a solid response and call out the hoax.

Actual Press Note begins …

Samyukta Kisan Morcha Press Release

19 July 2022

  • Samyukta Kisan Morcha rejects the committee formed by the Government on MSP and other issues; Morcha will appoint no representatives in the Committee.
  • There is no scope to discuss the MSP law in the agenda of this committee full of government representatives and its loyalists.
  • All the apprehensions of SKM about this committee turned out to be true; Morcha cannot have any association with such anti-farmer committee.

Samyukta Kisan Morcha has rejected the committee formed by the Government of India on MSP and other issues, and has decided not to nominate its representative in the committee. Morcha had made public its doubts about any such committee ever since it was announced by Prime Minister along with the repeal of the three black laws on 19 November. In the month of March, when the government had asked the Morcha for names for this committee, the Morcha had sought clarification from the government about the committee, to which it never got a reply. On July 3, the national meeting of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha unanimously decided that “unless the government clarifies the jurisdiction and terms of reference of this committee, there is no point to nominate a representative of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha to this committee”. All the doubts of Samyukta Kisan Morcha about this committee have come true with the notification issued by the Government. Obviously, there is no rationale for sending representatives of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha to such an anti-farmer and meaningless committee.

When the government had asked the Morcha for the names for this committee, in response to it, in an email sent to the Agriculture Secretary on 24 March 2022, the Morcha asked the government:

i) What will be the TOR (Terms of Reference) of this committee?

ii) Apart from Samyukta Kisan Morcha, which other organizations, individuals and office bearers will be included in this committee?

iii) Who will be the chairman of the committee and what will be its functioning?

iv) How much time will the committee get to submit its report?

v) Will the recommendation of the committee be binding on the government?

The Government did not respond to these questions. Yet the Agriculture Minister kept making statements that the formation of the committee was stalled due to non-receipt of the names of the representatives from the Samyukta Kisan Morcha.

By announcing this committee before the Parliament session, the government has tried to complete the paperwork. But the notification makes clear the ill-intentions of the government behind this committee and the irrelevance of the committee:

1. The chairman of the committee is former Agriculture Secretary Sanjay Agarwal, who drafted all three anti-farmer laws. He is accompanied by Ramesh Chand, a member of NITI Aayog, who was the main advocate of these three laws. As experts, it is the economists who have been against giving legal status to MSP.

2. Space has been left for 3 representatives of Samyukta Kisan Morcha in the committee. But in other places, in the name of farmer leaders, the government has placed its 5 loyalists who openly advocated all three anti-farmer laws. All these people are either directly associated with BJP-RSS or support their policy. Krishna Veer Choudhary is associated with the Indian Farmers’ Society and is a leader of the BJP. Syed Pasha Patel is a former BJP MLC from Maharashtra. Pramod Kumar Choudhary is a member of the National Executive of the RSS affiliated Bharatiya Kisan Sangh. Gunwant Patil, associated with the Shetkari organization, is a WTO advocate and General Secretary of the Swatantra Bharat Paksh Party. Guni Prakash has been a pioneer in opposing the farmers’ movement. These five people spoke openly in favor of all three anti-farmer laws and most of them have been spewing venom against the farmers’ movement.

3. There is no mention of making a law on MSP in the agenda of the committee. That is, this question will not be placed before the committee. Some items have been put in the agenda on which the government committee is already established. In the name of reforms in agricultural marketing, an item has been inserted through which the government can try to bring back three black laws.
In the light of these facts, there is no rationale for Samyukta Kisan Morcha to send its representatives to this committee. The struggle for the legal guarantee of MSP to ensure fair price for the crop to the farmers will continue.

Issued by-

Dr. Darshan Pal, Hannan Mollah, Joginder Singh Ugrahan, Yudhveer Singh, Yogendra Yadav

Samyukta Kisan Morcha


Today on Facebook Goan writer Amita Kanekar shared an article I had posted so I looked up our inbox and found this piece in which she had acknowledged me. At that time, in the hurry of the early days of the farmers protest, I had thanked her but not made a record of this article.

Doing that now.

Please see…


PANJAB: review in The Wire Hindi

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Dear Friends,

the beauty of us knowing more than one langauge is that our responses to situations, books, movies are not confined to one language. Many a times in the past Prof Adnan Farooqui has asked me to review books for ‘The Book Review’. Some of the times I have expressed time constraints and refused.

This time Prof Farooqui told me his mother Ms. Kanwaljeet Kaur, who tought at and now retired from central school, Dehradun wants to review my book PANJAB Journeys Through Fault Lines but in its Panjabi translation PANJAB Jinna Rahan Di Main Saar Na Jaana by Yadwinder Singh and Mangat Ram.

I was looking forward to an email but here comes a full-fledged review, that too in Hindi. I love the way Ms Kaur has zeroed down to the critical point of every chapter of the book. Thank you Ms Kaur and The Wire Hindi.

Please read …