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Friends, on Sunday namma Bengaluru demonstrated our joint voice from our own locations. The scale of the number of sites, people participation, our own agency was an example in itself for urban landscapes.

Arundhati Ghosh and I try to articulate our combined protest and experiment for which each of us was an organizer, mobilizer and participant. Thank you The News Minute for carrying the piece.

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Friends, this is deeply personal and as public as I can get. I attempt to articulate the caverns in my mind and in my land by trying to tell Panjab’s story through the prism of rituals and mental illness.

On social media I asked the question: Can I build a book on this premise? The response was an overwhelming yes. I feel finally I am getting a grip on Panjab. Thank you Aditi Sengupta. I loved being pushed to articulate the demons that haunt me.

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Friends, here is a peek into history, into the life of perhaps pre and post partition and Independence Panjab’s tallest leader’s life – Master Tara Singh. The following review is published in The Book Review, Volume XLII, Number 3, March 2018.

Book: Master Tara Singh in Indian History : Colonialism, Nationalism and the Politics of Sikh Identity

By J S Grewal
Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2017, pp.776, Rs 2595.00

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