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Friends, Indira Basu from The Quint got in touch yesterday over the Swami Agnivesh post. I told her about the temporary Facebook ban on perhaps my post being reported as ‘hate speech’. Imagine – this as hate speech!

They carried a more context driven story last evening. The story calls out the right-wing’s lack of sense of ancestry and roots. They do not know where they originate from and seem to me like a serpent devouring its own tail.

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Friends, I feel we don’t need to sensationalise drugs. Neither do we need quick fixes. Thanks to Indira Basu and others here I am looking at the protest, recent events and the sub-text of the war on drugs:

The political discourse in Panjab now eerily sounds ‘like the drug-addled talk of an addict: when sober, every abuser talks about quitting drugs, seeking help, not wanting access to drugs – and soon after, they fail.’

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Friends, Kanwar Manjit Singh pushed me yesterday to expand my Facebook post. Here is the article I wrote.

‘While in the nation the Emergency lasted less than two years, in Panjab formal Emergency lasted a total of nine years including the national Emergency period. Informal Emergency – unaccountability of the government – lasts until date.’

Tip: This is a grim piece but in it is tucked a joke. Let me see who finds it.

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