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Dear friends,

Thank you Alaham Anil Kumar and Arundhati, it was lovely meeting Ravish Kumar and gift him a copy of my book.

The response overwhelmed me. As a person, as a writer, we make certain choices in life. Mine was to keep my nose to the ground, keep dealing with the world through my self, use writing to understand what I think/feel and share a bit of my writing with the world. Many of you have liked me, loved me, for my writing. Thank you!

Yesterday, for the first time, a social media influencer, but most importantly, a simple, earnest person who has consistently appealed to our commonsense over the years, chose to highlight my book – PANJAB Journeys Through Fault Lines.

While my own post on Facebook garnered much love from you, on Instagram the likes kept piling up by the minute. So much that at one point I had to put my head in the quilt and stop my heart from exploding.

I was telling Ravish Kumar, I know what to write, I learn how to write, but I do not know marketing. Ravish Kumar said: ‘many people want to read, they just do not know what to read.’

I am hoping he is correct.

800+ likes on Facebook, 65K+ likes on Instagram, is a huge blessing. Can I please hope for a 3-5% conversion of these numbers into sales?

PANJAB Journeys Through Fault Lines is available from Penguin at Rs 599. A discount is on at Amazon.

The Panjabi translation PANJAB Jinha Rahan Di Main Saar Na Jaana is avaiable from Singh Brothers at Rs 750. A discount is at Amazon.

Get your copy.