Farmers Protest: Exit Polls

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Day 156

Toll 413


Exit Polls

I do not trust Exit Polls. Yet, for the next few days, until counting day on May 2nd, and hopefully after counting, I am taking heart that BJP might not win Bengal. The reason I do not trust Exit Polls is a pattern I have observed in all elections since Gujarat, October 2017.

Notice on every counting day since then, results freeze around 5 pm. The results open up again at 11 pm or later, even 1 am, 2 am. Wherever BJP has won, the party is a bit short around 5 pm, and in a slender lead post 11 pm. I deeply suspect this trend.

A BJP loss in Bengal is to me a clear indication that the duo are not supreme. They have no magic wand. The people of Bengal, like the people of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, know how to put them in their place. This loss of not being able to win Bengal will be amplified many times by the current situation of the pandemic in the nation. The immense loss of life; the shortage of beds, oxygen and cremation spaces.

Any leader who had an iota of morality would have resigned, in the least. But then where is morality in Hindutva? While that won’t happen, this loss, I hope draws out the knives within the BJP. After all, there are many leaders in the party who can’t just sit back and witness the naked power chase the duo have indulged in over the years. These leaders have been side-lined. Their own chances of growth are shattered. I am hoping they will stand up to the duo.

While upon the virus attack, the nation has crumbled under the duo’s agenda, the big resistance at present is the ongoing farmers protest. For the last three months the government has brazenly ignored the protests. The government has not even conducted talks with the farmers though the farmers have stayed put in spite of the pandemic second wave. As of now, it seems, the protests are not affected by the virus. The farmer leaders and cadre are taking precautions.

Yet, we know there is a whole right-wing eco-system that actually leads the populism drive of the duo. When recently a small churning took place in the protest, mostly the Panjab part, this right-wing eco-system smelt blood and started attacking the protests. This attack is also to distract from the havoc the virus has wreaked on the nation.

If that voice rises, the government could decide to evict the protest sites by force, as it was planning a few weeks back. That would be a huge blunder. Even if, heavens forbid, the BJP wins Bengal, the duo is momentarily feeling strong – there is no forgiving for what they have allowed the virus to do the nation – and they choose to evict the protests forcibly. It would be a blunder. Basically, any force would be a blunder.

The most sensible step would be, now the elections are over and results are out, the government should repeal the laws and legalise MSP. This might serve as an indication that the duo have people’s interest on mind though it won’t absolve them of what we have gone through as a nation. If that happens, the farmers will go back home.

Until that happens, the farmers are staying put.

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