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Review – Punjab Today: A Metaphor for Migration

   Posted by: aman    in Punjab

Book: The Rainbow Acres

Author: Simrita Dhir

Publisher: Om Books

The well-structured, quick read novel The Rainbow Acres by Simrita Dhir sketches the era when gold was discovered in California and depicts the lives and journeys of a man and a woman from their faraway native lands on two ends of the world to the West Coast of the United States. Dhir alternates the chapters between Kishan Singh and Sophia Morales, from Noor Mahal in Panjab and Acapulco, later Guadalajara and then the village Bahia de Kino in Mexico, to parallel how people are marginalized – either through ravages of nature or political turmoil –and how they become migrants seeking refuge in alien lands.

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A doctor …

   Posted by: aman    in Sepia Leaves

I just finished reading Sepia Leaves. It was unputdownable. The only break that I took was for coffee. A-single-sitting-read!!! Well, I am a doc in California who wants to pursue Psychiatry. I have worked in Psychiatry and have taken care of schizophrenics.

Your book was an eye-opener. I always thought that I was a compassionate doctor who wanted to bring peace to the troubled minds.

The very word Paagal infuriates me and I have always tried to convince people that every patient of Psychiatry can be made to have a normal social life with the help of meds, counselling, etc. But, I never saw beyond the patients. I never saw what it did to the families. All I was bothered was about making sure that the patient took the right prescription, came for regular follow-ups and went back to being normal till the relapse occured.

Your book gives me a newer perspective of things and strengthens my resolve to be a Psychiatrist.

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