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Dear Friends,

personal: during these farmer protests, Yasser Arafath interviewed me and published the story in Malayalam in the magazine TrueCopy.

Posting the link to the Table of Contents of the magazine here. I know Malayalees are enterprising, I am sure those interested will find the story.

I am glad that as an honourary Malayalee, married into Kerala through Lakshmi Karunakaran, Kerala will now get a first-hand account of my people from Panjab. Achhan Madhavan Karunakaran read the 10-page story last night and told me it reflects my views accurately.

Please see here …

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The anti-Sikh pogrom of 1984 is often invoked in political discourse but I did not know enough about all the literature that is available on the subject. So, I took my editor’s prompt as a trigger to research the documentation. Here are my findings. I am disappointed by how Punjabi did not really fully respond to the events and am impressed by how Hindi, English, even Assamese, Malayalam and Tamil have responded. Writing this article helped me create my own list, I do hope it serves as a map for your readings.

PS: My thanks to Rajesh Sharma, Daljit Ami, Surjit Singh, Nirupama Dutt, Chaman Lal, Deepinder Kaur, Abhirami Sriram, Kumar Anupam for immense help with information and guidance with this article. I am sorry I could not include everything but I am enriched by your support.

Please read.

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