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Daljit Ami: How do Revolutionaries Die?

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Friends, here is my translation of Daljit Ami’s piece in which he asks some tough questions which could lead to introspection by those very groups which seek to fight the oppressive forces. Every life is precious: Rohith’s, Navkaran’s …

‘Paash said, ‘If those engaged in changing the times won’t die from fever.’ If Paash were alive today, he would have said, ‘they won’t die from analyses either.’’

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Scroll: At Hyderabad University 20 years ago …

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Friends, upon learning of Rohith Vemula’s death on the University of Hyderabad campus, I looked back at my own time in the same university twenty years back.

‘… I relate to his (Vemula’s) emptiness.

While mental illness in my family had scarred me, and separatist violence in my state had scared me, seeing a united movement for equality break down into such factionalism in an institute of higher learning broke me. After university, for a long time I lost my voice… I will always remember Rohith Vemula’s final letter. To me, he is a writer who has ignited the country. His words will live on.’

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