Farmers Protest: Alleged

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April 03, 2021

Day 129

Toll 346



Last evening news came that some youth had attacked Rakesh Tikait and his convoy in Tatarpura village, Alwar, Rajasthan. At that time, Tikait was returning to Bansur from Harsoli village after a Mahapanchayat. Tikait was unhurt.

Almost all media has reported the incident using the word ‘alleged’. As if on cue, the entire right-wing eco-system has commented that this was not a real attack. It was a staged one. This in spite of the fact that the SUV in which attackers came has been identified as owned by ABVP student leader Kuldip Rao, the student union president Raj Rishi Bharthari Matsya University and police has taken 4 people into custody.

Let us look again at the word ‘alleged’. At the literal level, the use of the word ‘alleged’ shows that media has no way of saying that the attack really happened. Now, look at the two parties involved in this incident. On the one side are farmers who have been on the roads protesting the Laws for more than four months. On the other is a government which has failed to deliver in the last seven years.

That is why the assault on Tikiat – we do not even know if it was approved by BJP high command or a local adventure to score brownie points – is not an assault on Tikait alone but on our sensibility of what is true and what is false. If we can’t say what is true and what is not, how do we trust? If we can’t trust, how do we intake what farmers produce with the sense that it will nourish us, keep us healthy?

Frankly, to me the attack is not a surprise. For over two months now, I have been wondering how can the draconian regime allow the rise of a figure like Tikait. I have been listening to Tikait’s speeches for months. A few months back I even met him. I am seeing how he has moved from one who spoke in riddles to one who now speaks straight, presents the larger dimensions of issues he raises, gives direct calls to action.

I see how Tikait’s growth and certitude must have rattled Yogi, if not Modi. I have been wondering how the regime is allowing it. The regime has allowed it exactly through the media use of the term ‘alleged’. By sowing doubts in our minds. That is why I believe, the protests and our solidarity for them is a matter of faith – of belief. It is not alleged support, it is our full support.

The right-wing should really learn to come back to talks pending for over two months, to repeal the Laws, to form a committee on MSP with promise to implement them. Else, these small attacks, these provocations, will only aggravate the protesters.

In fact, that is the plan. The government wants one angry response, one mis-step, so it can crackdown on us.

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