Farmers Protest: 8 months

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Day 243

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8 months

At eight months, today the farmers protest is just one month short of the Pagdi Sambhal Jutta farmers protest in 1907. At that time, the British had backed off, repealed the draconian Doab Bari Act, Punjab Land Colonisation Act and the Punjab Land Alienation Act. Let us see if the Indian government is kinder than the cruel British.

The demands for Women’s reservation in the Parliament is pending since 1993. On 9th March, 2010 the Rajya Sabha passed The Constitution (108th Amendment) Bill, to reserve 1/3rd of all seats in the Lok Sabha and in all state legislative assemblies for women.

The seats were proposed to be reserved in rotation and would have been determined by draw of lots in such a way that a seat would be reserved only once in three consecutive general elections. However, the Bill never reached the Lok Sabha for a vote.

That is why, to mark the eighth monthsary of the farmers protests, today’s Kisan Sansad will be entirely run by women farmers and activists. Nearly 75% of the full-time workers on Indian farms are women. They produce up to 80 per cent of the country’s food. Yet, less than 12 per cent of them own land.

The Kisan Sansad is a symbolic protest site. The reason women will run the Kisan Sansad today is because women have a right not only in the Parliament, in state assemblies, but even in homes and property. It is a symbolic gesture – the hope is women’s rights become a reality.

More strength to women!


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