Kisan Sansad: Day 7

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Kisan Sansad

Day 7

Since the Electricity Bill 2020 was listed in the main Parliament today, the farmers took up the issue at the Farmers’ Parliament. However, turns out the Lok Sabha has been adjourned until Monday, Rajya Sabha until 2.30 pm today. The reason is Opposition in both Houses demanding a debate on the Pegasus spyware the government has used to spy on journalists, their own ministers, government officials, even Opposition leaders. It is a valid demand but BJP is not agreeing on a debate on the matter.

Instead, the BJP is trying to ask Opposition to let the House function. Half the Monsoon Session is over. Nothing much has happened in the Houses. Time to remind BJP of its own statements from the 15th Lok Sabha, 2009-2014, UPA II government and BJP major Opposition. Historically, that Parliament was the most disrupted by BJP – Lok Sabha worked for 61% and Rajya Sabha for 66% of its scheduled time.

Here is what the BJP leaders said then:

January 30, 2011 – Then Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley was quoted as saying in Ranchi – “Parliament’s job is to conduct discussions. But many a time, Parliament is used to ignore issues and in such situations, obstruction of Parliament is in the favour of democracy. Therefore parliamentary obstruction is not undemocratic.”

August 26, 2012 – Jaitley outside Parliament – “There are occasions when an obstruction in Parliament brings greater benefits to the country… Our strategy does not permit us to allow the government to use Parliament (for debate) without being held accountable… we do not want to give the government an escape route through debate.”

September 7, 2012 – leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj had said – “Not allowing parliament to function is also a form of democracy, like any other form.”

September 2012, Sushma Swaraj — “We had to stall Parliament to expose the government and its corruption. Anyway, it is the government’s job to run the Parliament, not that of the opposition.”

Tumhara kutta kutta, mera kutta Tommy?

Speakers and Deputy Speakers:

Session I:
Kirpa Singh and Balbir Singh Chillar

Session II:
Harjit Singh and Balraj Singh Malik

Session III:
Bichitra Singh Kotla and Rishiraj Patel

Quotes source: Outlook

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