Farmers Protest: Judicial Block

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Day 297

Toll 601

Judicial Block

A few days back, on the basis of a writ petition filed by a NOIDA resident, the Supreme Court had ordered the Haryana government to talk to protesting farmers to open one side of the National Highway-44 blockade at the Kundli-Singhu. The site falls under Haryana jurisdiction.

It is a strange order. Right from the beginning of the protests, knowing how Courts behave, the farmers have chosen not to take the Court route to solve the imbroglio over Farm Laws. Still, in December, the Supreme Court decided to constitute a panel to look into the matter. In end of March, the panel submitted it report in a sealed envelope to the Court.

Yet, even now, almost six months later the Court and the government has not found time to open the envelope, make contents public. On this matter of the blocked road, under Supreme Court orders, the Haryana government has formed a high level panel to discuss with farmers but what is the use?

The road blocks by farmers are against the Centre. They are meant to obstruct government functioning. They are a non-violent method of seeking government attention to solve the issues around Farm Laws. What is the point of lifting the road barricades when the government has not solved the issues?

Also, note, locals at all protests sites – in spite of heavy losses in business – are still supporting the farmers. On their part, farmers are trying to insure locals do not suffer as adversely as they could. Service lanes are being kept open as far as possible. During the COVID-19 second wave, farmers had opened the roads for free flow of Oxygen. But since the protest is on, the road blockade is a form of protest.

It is the police that has blocked the service lanes, not the farmers. The barricades, the stone slabs, the concertina wires are by the police, not farmers.

In a well thought out decision the Samyukth Kisan Morcha has decided not to meet with the Haryana panel. The Courts and the state governments can’t localise these massive protests as traffic issues. The Centre has to face the farmers and repeal the laws, legalise MSP. Only then will road blocks be moved. Else, they will remain judicial blocks.

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