Farmers Protest: Haryana

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Day 375

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I have no idea why mainstream media that I have followed in the past is so hellbent on discrediting itself. They unnecessarily give dates on which farmers protest will end and farmers will go home. Every time their news proves useless, they flop. It is as if they want people to stop reading them, listening to them.

After the farmers’ huge win on farm laws, the protest has entered a critical stage. Both decisions have merit: to continue the protest for an assurance on Minimum Support Price and for quashing of police cases is necessary at this stage of the struggle. At the same time, there is no doubt that farmers are exhausted, some want to go home, and so the nature of protest has to change. Please remember, farmers are free to come and go to the protest. They are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, let us not decide for them.

Ever since the farmers protest began, there have been many moments, even extended periods, of tension. All of them have to do with the nefarious games the government plays. Yesterday, I must confess, I was tense about what Samyukt Kisan Morcha will decide. Remember most cases, over 48,000, are against Haryana farmers. Go back to the time when farmers protest proceeded from Panjab to Delhi more than a year ago. How brilliantly Haryana stood with Panjab, later Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand and Rajasthan joined. At this point the farmers cannot abandon Haryana.

I am glad wisdom prevailed and SKM decided to constitute a 5-member group to discuss the issues with the government. On ground, there are indications that the government wants to solve issues and is urging farmers to go back home. It is willing to take back all cases of protest in Haryana, Delhi and Chandigarh. Panjab has already cancelled the cases.

Hence the farmers are standing in solidarity with Haryana. The farmers’ decision flies in the face of how we know protests end when each small party tries to run with meagre benefits. That is why it is another model for civil society: come together, struggle together, retreat together.

The panel selected is on the basis of one member per state: Balbir Rajewal from Panjab, Gurnam Charuni from Haryana, Shivkumar Kakka from Madhya Pradesh, Yudhvir Singh from Uttar Pradesh, and Ashok Dhawle from Maharashtra will meet the government soon and negotiate on quashing of cases, recognition of martyrs, and how to proceed over Minimum Support Price.

For MSP, eventually there will be a committee. At least that is what the group will propose to the government. The government has to come out with the Terms of Reference for the committee. When formed, the committee will have a a larger, a 9- or 11-member representation from SKM.

That time will come and we shall have news. As of now, the decision is for the 5-member group to meet the government and the decision will be relayed to all of us on December 7th.

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