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Friends, some times domestic conversations become public discourses. I remain proud of Lakshmi’s endeavour to extend conversations in classrooms with artists who continue to work with students and learners.

‘In the current age, the human being is most vulnerable and is in grave danger of being appropriated by the external powers. Whether it’s a nation state, or a political discourse or a religious identity or if it’s a question of language or of gender or of caste, all these are supra-narratives that will want to appropriate your voice. So the big effort in today’s age is to create a voice that cannot be easily appropriated.’

As a part of the ongoing series with Teacher Plus and Bol Hyderabad, this radio show captures journeys of artists and their teaching and learning moments.

Please listen to the two part interview here.

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A Film on Benaras

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A short candid film by Lakshmi and me on our  interaction with ‘A Boatman in Benaras’ who holds forth on birth, life and death. Hope you like viewing it. (7  minutes).

Please see here

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