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An Interview on Male CSA

   Posted by: aman    in Roll of Honour

Friends, last December I was surprised by the cold wave in Calcutta. That is when, through Julia Dutta, I met Dipali Taneja. I was hungry, blown by the cold. The evening conversation with excellent kebabs and continental food at Dipali’s gave me strength and I came away knowing I had made a new friend.

This is the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness month and suddenly Dipali asked me for an interview. I just now got the blog entry from her and am so pleased to see how she read Roll of Honour and has structured her entry. Over the past few months many readers have brought such a variety of readings to the book, Dipali sees it as a book against child sex abuse and I feel so satisfied that she sees it like that. Towards the end of the interview I have made a request to all of us readers. Read on… Thank you Dipali.

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