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Index of mind

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Last Saturday, Makhan wanted to meet me at Masi’s hospital. He just finished a four-year jail term. Masi’s training had helped him. At jail he proved to be a worthy medical attendant. He served the inmates and even the jail authorities. No one is tough with their doctor and he was exempted the tough grind. Makhan talked to me for a while, enquiring about my well being but did not say anything important. Something I thought he wanted to do when he asked to meet me. His shift was over and he left abruptly. When he was leaving I saw his eyes. They were vacant, as if this world did not matter to him.

For a long time I have been seeing people’s eyes. They say the eyes are the index of the mind. In the eyes I see, I notice some look like they have confronted their deepest lonely self. Eyes like Makhan’s. There is shiftiness in them, as if bewildered. In the black of the eye one can glimpse the unfathomable cave of the soul. The bewilderment is at oneself: I thought the world was a wonderful rich place, how come I find it so hollow? Why am I empty?

Some time or other in life, many people glimpse their inner Zen. However, most try to cover it up with a shadow of belief (Maya). Their eyes too look covered. The cover could be of a relationship, material things, desire for fame, and mostly of being satisfied about the image one sees of oneself in other’s eyes. Yet, some keep the vulnerability naked, like Makhan. Maybe it is a matter of time, he will cover it up. Some like Mamman go the other way, down the abyss. Lose touch with how their eyes look to the world. They make their own world even if it does not make sense to the rest of the world. To their near and dear ones. Those people have stopped caring.

There are some, very few, who actually accept the cave and move beyond it. To a place where they seek to know their emptiness. Those are the seers. They have found belief in a system of thought.

To see someone, you need to see is their eyes. Check out the beggar on the street next time, check out you loved one. Do the eyes match? Then see the eyes of the blind Prophet Tiresias, from Antigone: ‘we have come with linked steps, both served by the eyes of one; for thus, by a guide’s help, the blind must walk. Thou standest on fate’s fine edge.’

Maybe those eyes, in their similarities and differences, and uniqueness will tell you something.

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