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Dear Friends,

I am glad to share with you a Facebook review of my recent book by much loved and respected Amita Paul.

Friend Amandeep Sandhu’s Book Panjab: Journeys through Fault Lines has finally come out after years of hard work, focused travel, and painstaking research.

It is a treasure trove of information and insights on Punjab, its history and its current situation, not only for the outsider but for the insider as well, and most of all for those who are a bit of both or not quite sure which one they are or how much of each they are.

Who first called Panjab, Panjab? Who are the Jutts? What is the Anandpur Saheb Resolution? How and when did the idea of Khalistan evolve and where does it stand now? What is the real situation on the ground about drug addiction in Punjab? What happened to agriculture in Punjab after the Green Revolution peaked? What is the so called river waters dispute of Punjab with Haryana Delhi and Rajasthan all about? Why are Sikhs called a martial race? Did Sikhism really manage to eradicate caste from Punjab? Where does Punjab stand today? What is the way forward for Punjab?

Amandeep Sandhu does not shy away from any of these questions and many others like these, and though he does not claim to give the final answer on anything, he does take you on a journey or a set of journeys where you may be clearer about what you think the answer might be.

If you are curious about such issues and if you would like to know more about them, do read this book.

Amandeep’s voice is gentle, compassionate, truthful and trustworthy. You may not agree with all he says – I myself differ on many issues – and he could well be mistaken in some of his views but you can rest assured that he would never lie. This is a very honest book.

Panjab : Journeys through Fault Lines

Published by Westland Publishers, Chennai, is available on Amazon as well as in all leading bookstores

I would love to hear from you your reactions once you have read it. I thoroughly recommend it

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