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Dear Friends,

The Tribune interviewed me before the Chandigarh launch of Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines.

He lists three major revelations for us as he launched the book in Chandigarh on Thursday. One, the very image of Punjab being the ‘wheat bowl’ or the ‘food bowl’ of the country was in for alteration. “While the state holds the precious title, the aftermath of Green Revolution and how it has destroyed agriculture is appalling.”  Sandhu’s desire to see if post-Partition, post-Khalistan-non-movement peace has returned to the state, results in disappoinment. “The discontent and the discord amongst its people are still so palpable.” What hit Sandhu the most is the need to escape that’s hard to miss. “Kite nikal jayiye (let’s go somewhere)—with everyone feeling claustrophobic in the framework of drugs and deras, no wonder migration seems to be the answer for most.”

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