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last week a review of Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines by Yadwinder Singh appeared in the Punjabi Tribune (29.12.2019). I loved Yadwinder’s language and his content. It isn’t very often that one reads very fine Panjabi outside of books, in columns, in reviews.

What I also loved was how Yadwinder guides the readers to read the book by providing clues from within the book. That, to me, is an important aspect of reviews. Finally what I loved is, how Yadwinder highlights the photograph by Satpal Danish on the endsheets of the book and compares it with the legendary Ship of Theseus. I found it a brilliant allegory that lifts the review to a philosophical question applied to Panjab.

I felt, here is a review that truly adds to the book. I spoke to Kanwar Manjit Singh and very kindly he showcases the Panjabi review in English translation on Punjab Today.

Thank you! Please read here …

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