Farmers Protests: Dhuni

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Facebook January 7, 2021

Day 43

Water and fire are both cleansing elements – embodiment of energies. Water’s property is having cleaned, it carries all the dirt in it and itself needs to be cleaned for use later. Fire, on the other hand, burns all and is always pristine clean.

The Fire practice is ancient, it is about survival, it predates organised religion. One of the earliest signs of civilization: in jungles when hunter gatherers used it to prevent attack from wild life, to cook food, to keep warm in the open. In the sub-continent, the Dhuni, the Havan, the Homa – whatever you may call a burning fire – has been part of Vedic religions and later Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism.

While Havan and Homa are for particular religious events – oblations; Dhuni is an unbroken tradition of fire to honour Shakti – the primordial cosmic energy. In that sense, kisani, farming, too pre-dates religion, is about civilisation.

This Dhuni under the Ghazipur Flyover started on November 27th when farmers from west UP just arrived to protest the Farm Laws. It remains a constant fire, embers in day hours, flames in night.

Veteran farmer leader Ranbir Singh, extreme left says, ‘This dhuni will continue until we are here, until the government repeals the Laws’.

Ranbir ji knows, he was in Delhi with Baba Mahendra Singh Tikait in 1988. ‘Even that time the Rajiv sarkar had to concede to our demands. What is this government? See the Tractor March on Thursday, then see it on January 26, you will know.’

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