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here is my piece on the solidarities that have upheld the Farmers Protest on Delhi’s borders for The Caravan Magazine. I explicitly talk about the solidarities between Sikh-Left, Haryana-Panjab, men-women, Dalit-Jutt, other states; the fact is there are many more: singer-activist, young-old, religious, and I am hoping for rural-urban.

Here is a quote from the piece in view of the affidavit the government proposes to file in the Supreme Court about ‘Khalistan’ at the protests: “In Partition, we lost Nanakana Sahib and Kartarpur Sahib”—shrines associated with the Sikh Guru Nanak. “If Khalistan becomes a reality, we will lose Patna Sahib and Huzoor Sahib as well”—associated with Guru Gobind Singh. “What would we be left with? Look around, everybody is recognising the Sikhs, langars are being served, jaikaras are being shouted. What can be more Sikh than this?”

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