Farmers Protest: Bandh Call

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March 25th, 2021

Day 120

Toll 320


Bandh Call

Two non-protest but in their ramifications, hugely political developments yesterday.

1) Delhi’s quest for complete statehood has been curtailed. Yesterday, The Rajya Sabha passed The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill amidst, notice a walkout by Opposition exactly the way Opposition was protesting outside the House during when the Farm laws were passed.

While we know the Central government has an agenda to weaken all democratic and pro-federalism structures of the nation, this walkout from the House is confirmation that the Opposition has still not learnt to behave responsibly. Or perhaps, Congress must have smelt this as an opportunity to finish AAP. First, Jammu and Kashmir, now Delhi. What Opposition does not see is this could be a model that can be implemented in any state. Sadly, the Constitution means nothing to the government.

2) Bihar Assembly passes Bihar Special Armed Police Bill, 2021, in a bid to give its police more teeth to conduct searches and arrests without producing a warrant. In the course of debate on this Bill, Opposition MLAs were thrashed inside the House, pushed down steps.

Today also marks the one year anniversary of how with a four hours notice, the Central government sent up to 3 crore migrant workers back home hundreds of kilometers away, on foot. A fact that we as a nation must be ashamed about.

Friends, what our elected representatives do with our vote is clear from all three instances above. Indeed, electoral democracy in India has become populist autocracy without concern for the rights of those who need the greatest care.
As citizens, the only way we can guard our freedoms is by asserting our voice. Exactly how the farmers have been doing for the last four months on Delhi’s borders. All these months I used to wonder why Delhi is not responding enough. Now, I know: when Delhi has not risen upon it being assaulted, curtailed, its vote stolen, what will it respond to the farmers or anyone else?

But you and I, and hopefully the people of Delhi, can still respond.

Tomorrow is a Bharat Bandh called by Samyukt Kisan Morcha. SKM has appealed for all road and rail transport, all markets and other public places to be closed across the country from from 6 am to 6 pm, Friday, March 26. However, SKM says, this is not necessary for the places where elections are going to be held.
Please join the Bharat Bandh. Let us make it a success.

Lastly, Hardeep Singh Dibdiba, the grandfather of the young man Navreet Singh who was shot on January 26, whose death police claims was from tractor accident, has stepped out of his home, into the protests to iron out the differences between various groups participating in the protest. He has called for a march of the youth today from Moga in Panjab to the Singhu border. It is underway right now. This is democracy – taking everyone along. Salute to Dibdiba Sa’ab’s sense of purpose.

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