Farmers Protest: Green Revolution

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April 12, 2021

Day 138

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Green Revolution

Since the beginning of the farmers protests people have asked: why are Panjab and Haryana alone protesting? Now, of course, the protests have spread to west UP, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Odisha, Bihar and Bengal. Yet, the question continues to be posed as an insinuation.

Vandana Shiva has been one of the leading alternative agrarian economists. In her work on after-effects of the Green Revolution in Panjab she had understood and proposed that one of the most dastardly state actions Operation Blue Star and the years of militancy in Panjab had its roots in the early disenchantment with the Green Revolution.

Sadly, over the last many years Shiva has crossed over to the right-wing Hindutva camp. For the moment, let us keep Shiva’s individual politics aside. In this excerpt, Shiva once again traces Panjab’s rising to protests now and before Operation Blue Star to the Green Revolution which she says was a deliberate making of a genocide.

In ‘Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines’, I saw current Panjab as an aftermath of both the Green Revolution and Operation Blue Star. I learnt that the two were linked but unlike Shiva – perhaps through hindsight for I came many years after her – I traced three reasons for Operation Blue Star: law and order, separatist threat, farmers’ protest. The context being Akali resistance to Indira Gandhi’s Emergency that had got her riled up with Sikhs, the river waters issue that had been pending since re-organisation of Panjab in 1966, the Anandpur Sahib Resolution and so on.

Listen to the video. English, 9.56 minutes.

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