Farmers Protest: Fire at Singhu

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Day 142

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Fire at Singhu

As the nation burns in the flames of Coronavirus, reports emerge of multiple bodies being consigned to one pyre, crematoriums being hidden from public view, yesterday a fire took place at the Singhu border.

Having braved the chilly winters, one of the coldest in decades, the untimely winter rains that turned tents and mattresses soggy, the protesting farmers had now remodelled their protest sites for the scorching summer. They have made habitations of wood and straw, synthetic nets and placed desert coolers and refrigerators. All of these are immensely combustible, the sites are now literal tinder boxes.

As previously reported, right-wing saboteurs continue to invade the protests sites. For recce to assess how to sabotage the protests, for theft, for inciting violence, for bringing infamy upon the protesters. In spite of farmer vigilance, yesterday an unknown person set tents on fire near Rasoi Dhabha. Reports vary but at least three tents, a car, many personal belongings went up in fire. Thankfully, no one was severely injured. There were no casualties.

The fire brigade arrived too late. By then the youth had doused the flames. The larger question union leaders are raising is why is fire brigade not available on site? Why isn’t the government taking steps to provide safety measures on the sites? Of course, the largest question is why isn’t the government repealing the laws and ending the protest?

On Ambedkar Jayanti, the Haryana CM had announced the unveiling of a Babasaheb Ambedkar statue at village Badauli. The farmers opposed the CM inaugurating the statue. They were fine with anyone else inaugurating the statue. Quietly, the CM cancelled the event. On April 14, all protest sites celebrated Babasaheb Ambedkar. A few days back Hanumangarh parliamentarian Nihal Chand ran away from facing people in Rajasthan. Amidst whatever little reports we get on the current reality of India, no media reports the groundswell against the BJP. How long will this chimera last?

Meanwhile, as COVID-19 rages through the nation, the government’s only focus seems to be Bengal elections. There are reports that the government has completed an aerial survey of the protest sites. Once the government is done with Bengal elections, it may propose talks with farmers. If the talks fail, there could be armed action to evict farmers.

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