Farmers Protest: Jamhuriyat

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Day 158

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I took the title from a friend’s film in process on the farmer protests. I just saw the stills and they evoked such memory of the last few months in me. I am placing the link below.

Today, the results of our Jamhuriyat’s vote from five states will be declared. Given how we are crumbling under the outbreak of the virus and the state has failed us, I am wondering what is the point of electing governments.

The fact that Farm Laws were bulldozed through the Parliament and all democratic were consigned to the dustbin is clear evidence to me that all political parties today stand exposed.

Yet, our society is not where out mind is. Society moves slowly and frankly we do not have an alternative. So we need to endure these elections, participate in them, watch governments being elected and politicians exploit us. That is what we are going to do today.

If that be the case, I once again hope the BJP loses. While the south states are hopefully sorted, I hope it loses Bengal which in many ways is an opposition bastion. I feel, BJP’s loss in Bengal will have a direct repercussion on the farmers protest.

A BJP win in Bengal will also change the composition of the Rajya Sabha. With more seats in the RS, the BJP will alter the Constitution and we can say goodbye to the India we all grew up in – however flawed it was. This would be much before you have a chance to boot out BJP in 2024 which is still 3 years away.

All eyes now on the results: TMC is winning Bengal, LDF is winning Kerala, DMK is winning Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, do have a look at Novita Singh’s work. She and her team have been on ground for months. You do not have to log in to the website to see the stills. Best wishes to her with the film.

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