Farmers Protest: Election Results

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Election Results

Amidst the mayhem that the Coronavirus has caused, the election results yesterday could not have been better timed. Even more so, because they are decisive in terms of numbers of votes and percentages – the differences are wide.

Personally, I expected this response from the citizens of the country in 2019 general elections. Our population had already suffered demonetization which took a huge toll on the country’s economy but was very useful to BJP; suffered GST which harassed the traders but was very useful to the BJP by way of further eroding whatever little federalism we have in India.

Yet, that did not happen and the arrogance of the powers skyrocketed – Kashmir, Citizenship, Farm Laws, Labour Codes and so on.

Yesterday’s mandate is important because had BJP won, it would have increased its seats in Rajya Sabha. That would have made it very easy for Hindutva forces to change the Constitution. Much before we had a chance to boot them out in 2024. The mandate now came when the country is quickly going down the COVID-19 hell hole. We waited too long, just too long and are already paying a huge price.

Yet, through the mandate, India has given the BJP its opposition. For now, it is: Farmers Movement + Mamata + Vijayan + Stalin + Thackrey and the list has opened up. Let more come and add themselves.

The mandate will have repercussions. I guess the scissor will be out to trim the beard but hope knives and axes are also out. May that be as it is, I really hope this mandate sobers the ego and arrogance of the leaders and they call for talks with farmers to repeal the laws and legalise MSP; and pro-actively work to contain the devastation the virus is wreaking on us.

Yet, one can never say about arrogance. Arrogance can also turn into desperation. The duo is already not listening, it could close its eyes and announce a national emergency – thus crushing the poor and the vulnerable in the entire system.

Let us see … For now, the mandate is a vindication of the farmers stand against communalism. I hope it is the beginning of saving India.

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