Farmers Protest: One Week

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Day 164

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One Week

When the talks at the farmers protest stalled on January 21, 2020, and then elections in 5 states were declared, the general sense was the government will respond only post-results.

In the meantime the second wave of the pandemic has struck the nation and we are all devastated by the unfolding catastrophe. Though for a long time now, the farmers protests – which continue in large post-harvest season numbers with COVID-19 safeguards – had fallen off the mainstream media, the pandemic has further pushed them to the background.

The question really is what is the Modi government’s plan for the pandemic? That would perhaps indicate what is its plan for the farmers protests.

The reality is, in spite of one week since the results of the BJP debacle in elections has been out, the Central government has not even shown its face to the citizens of the country. It seems like indifference, which is what it is, but even more than that it is incompetence. The government has no clue on what to do now. It does not even have the courage or character to face the people.

Those watching Modi since his days in Gujarat will tell you he is no good at either governance or administration. India is now choking in the famed Gujarat Model which the media hyped before 2014. With lockdowns and curfews which have not helped in any reduction of numbers, India is now enduring what those we wilfully imprisoned endured – Kashmir. Lockdowns work if the state is willing to prepare and takes care of the needs of its citizens. Else, lockdowns are just jails and the people, especially the poor suffer.

Also, do not go blaming the states alone for where the Centre has failed. India is a structured democracy so that its citizens are best served. State and Central governments are layers of our society as defined in the Constitution. States are not at loggerheads with the Centre – asking for resources is a due democratic process. In any social structure there is a chain of command and finally the buck in India stops with the Prime Minister.

There is no power without responsibility. When the BJP and Modi aspired to assume power, they also assumed responsibility. It is the blind worship of Modi – not demanding accountability from him – which has pushed us in this COVID-19 hell-hole.

Just see how he is allowing the country to combust. It is clear now that is how he is dealing with the farmers as well – hoping the virus will erode the protests.

It does not work that way.

The only way India can work is if we all demand accountability from the Central and also the state governments; from political parties and also the administration. Else, we are a failed nation.


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