Farmers Protest: Seminar

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Day 168

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Since the protests began, first national media, then international academia, then international media started paying interest. Since the events of January 26, after villainising the protests, mainstream national media stopped featuring the protests. However, international media and international academia kept paying interest.

Very early on, I was in a talk with Prof Surinder S. Jodhka. He said. ‘These protests will be remembered for a long time. These are grounds for a lot of first hand research and production of knowledge.’ He is an eminent scholar and could see possibilities.

Close to six months to the protests, Prof Jodhka’s words are coming true. Tomorrow and the day after, the O P Jindal Global University (Haryana) with support from the Global Environmental Justice Group of the University of East Anglia (UK) is conducting a full-fledged seminar on the farmers protests.

A few days back when organiser Prof Christine Moliner wrote to me, I was happy to see the names of many allies participating in 10 panel discussion over two days. Of course, the protests are too vast to be fully articulated but I am glad they are getting the attention they deserve. If only the government were to wake up to them.

You are welcome to join, please register at: register

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