Farmers Protest: Common Adversary

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Day 188

Toll 494


Common Adversary

A particular feature of the right-wing government is that it never governs through dialogue but rules through police and intelligence agencies, paid for by the tax payer. Of course, Hindutva has its own cadre of goons too but those are cowards.

But for their salary, the jawan who is compelled by the current government to stand against the kisan is also equally suffering the apathy of the regime. This is illustrated by the storm on May 31st night at Singhu border.

The strong winds and heavy rain did not spare the police encampments. They too came down along with farmer camps. While the government provided no aid, next day, farmers and police together repaired their broken habitations.

Both these videos show that. One, the Panjabi one, shows the devastation. The other, the Hindi one, shows the effort to bring down broken structures so that can be put up again. The Panjabi one says, ‘The government is unaffected. The need is for the whole country to unite against these arrogant rulers.’

The way the institutions of the nation, even vaccines and healthcare is being privatised, the day is not far when police will also be turned into low paid, private militias. Those on the ground now understand this.

Videos: Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee. See here …

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