Farmers Protest: Maize

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Day 195

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This time the Central government forced Direct Bank Transfer to pay farmers for wheat procurement. This was done to ostensibly keep Arthiyas (middle-men) out.

Though Panjab and Haryana expressed reservation, they were forced to comply. On ground, there was an acute shortage of bardana – gunny sacks which Central agencies regulate. Untimely rains compounded the misery and a lot of wheat was wasted. Yet, lapdog media has been mentioning how many crores disbursed etc.

Now it turns out that Centre has no Rural Development Fund for Panjab. This fund was earlier generated through taxes in Mandis. Also, in a state where 45% farming is tenacy, DBT causes issues for both small and marginal tenancy farmers as well as arthiyas who have invested in farmers and procurement systems.
This maize season, declared MSP is Rs 1850 per quintal. Farmers are getting between Rs 700 to Rs 800 – basically Rs 7-8 per kg. Does anyone of us who will pay Rs 50 to Rs 150 for a kg of makki ka atta have any answers?

But the Centre could not care less. It has an agenda to de-peasantize farmers and it is going ahead with it even though Farm Laws are not yet implemented. It is inflicting a million cuts even as farmers are resolved to oppose the final blow.

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