Farmers Protest: Paddy Procurement

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Day 281

Toll 595

Paddy Procurement

It really seems the government is unaware of anything like the farmers protest. It seems to me like Indira Gandhi’s wilful blindness when she called for elections after Emergency in 1977. Her advisors had told he she would win, but she was trounced.

The government continues with flawed policies. The new rules issued by the Centre clearly show they want to buy as little as possible paddy on Minimum Support Price. See my post dated March 17, some additional points:

- Broken grain: 25% is accepted. Now reduced to 20% when on ground broken grain is about 35%.

- Discolouration: 5% was allowed, now reduced to 3%.

- Moisture: 15% was allowed, now reduced to 14%.

- Damaged grain: 3% was allowed, now reduced to 2%.

- Red grains: 3% was the limit, now no longer be purchased.

Along with the farmers, the new rules are also being opposed by the Rice Millers’ Association. Even the Panjab government has opposed the new rules.

Meanwhile, the Muzaffarnagar Mahapanchayat on September 5, the day after tomorrow. The one that has sent chills down the government’s non-existent spine. See the stage, this is huge. 31 seconds.

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