Farmers Protest: Bollworm

   Posted by: aman   in Punjab

Posted on September 27, 2021

Day 305

Toll 607


Reports emerge that gulabi sundi has affected cotton crops in Malwa, Punjab. This worm is pink sundi. A few years back Ajay Bhardwaj Bhaji (film here) had talked about white bollworm.

A few years before that Prof Dipankar Gupta and I had talked to Panjab farmers in Malwa about new cotton seeds. Prof Gupta had emphasised on intellectuals such as Vandana Shiva talking of issues with GMO seeds. Farmers rebutted Shiva. ‘Earlier we needed 25 sprays – to kill pesticides. Now we need 3 sprays’.

Then white bollworm happened, then white fly, now common view is, ‘Sundi has devastated crops’. Sprays have gone up to 10-15.

Shiva proves right. Corporate infuences farming and devastates farmers.

GMO seeds much?

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