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Day 322

Toll 638


Border State watchers: BJP need not fight elections in Panjab.

Panjab’s area is 50,362 square km

Panjab has 553 km border with Pakistan.

To checkmate ex CM Amarinder Singh’s national security narrative, new CM Channi asked Central Home Minister to increase central security forces to stop drugs and arms smuggling. As a result, central security forces now are free to penetrate 50 km inland.

Now, do your math. 553 km x 50 km = over 25,000 km

That means half the state in under central security forces. Which means the Centre rules half of Panjab.

Do you feel the pain of constant police surveillance?

Note: just blocked a national security apologist and deleted his comments. If anyone has to retort, answer three questions:

a) Why abrogating Article 370 did not stop militancy in Kashmir?

b) Why China has made repeated incursions into their side of the border and what has India done to stop those?

c) Please re-locate to Panjab border. I will facilitate that. Then we can talk.
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PS: for the record now Channi is opposing the Centre’s move. The decision affects West Bengal, Assam, Tripura as well.

The recent take over of half of Panjab by security forces is a repeat of a three millennia long history. Panjab has been and remains a casualty of geography, a casualty of history, a casualty of politics.

It is Panjab’s fate.

tak patree waleya lekh mere
mere hath wich wingian leekan ne

mere dil da mehram aawega
ya halle hor udeekan ne

lakh waar duavan mangiyan ne
kai waar baharan langiyan ne

mainu puch ke das taqdeeran ton
aje kiniyan door tareekan ne

mere rona rabb manzoor kare
meri zaat nu eho udeekan ne

see my hand o reader of palms
the lines on my hands are crooked.

will the one who soothes my heart come?
or is there a wait still?

a million times I have prayed
a million times spring has passed.

ask my fate and tell me
still how far are the dates?

may God accept my tears
my kind only wait for that.

No, no one in mainland India gets Panjab. Some try, but they can’t. For they have not endured Panjab’s tragedy on their bodies.

So, please, keep the dignity. No ‘national security’ remarks here please.

Reshma here …

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