Farmers Protest: Sacrilege

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Day 323

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A very unfortunate incident transpired at Singhu border last night. At around 3 am, a man, seems Panjabi, name not yet known, wearing traditional Sikh kachera – drawers appeared at the makeshift mobile Gurdwara at Singhu border. He sought to pick up the Guru Granth Sahib and insult it.

The Nihangs, in whose camp the Granth Sahib is located, apprehended him in the act. The man confessed to being sent to the protest site by his backers to commit the sacrilege. He is in the Nihang custody, the police has reached the spot.

This is a heinous attempt to discredit the protests. The issue of sacrilege is deeply problematic and provocative for the Sikh community and for Panjab. Since incidents of sacrilege started in 2015, they have not yet found any resolution. They have claimed one government and two chief ministers but not been solved. This has created a deep schism in the minds of people regarding both: how democracy works and if democratic system deliver justice.

There is palpable frustration, cynicism and hopelessness in the system. When that happens, dejected by modern systems, people lapse back into earlier ways of being which they imagine worked for them better. Among Sikhs, it is that anyone who is wrong must be punished – sodha. Barbarically, the Nihangs cut off the wrist of the man. It is brutal.

We must keep in mind the protests against Farm laws and to legalise MSP have remained a perception battle. While the protesters have displayed immense resolve, resourcefulness, and repose in their leadership. The mainstream media has constantly denigrated the protesters, flung labels on them and yet the protesters have responded with dignity.

All this will be tested now. A crime has been prevented. The criminal is in custody. We need to trace the man’s backers.

Let us maintain calm, not let this incident take a communal turn, and stay focussed on the core goals of the protest.

Update: I am hearing the man is dead. The brutality meted out to him has cost us the opportunity to identify his backers.

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